Research Clusters

The ICSP-CS is constituted by different research clusters which are entirely run by the Consortium or are linked to other institutions or entities with which ICSP-CS might fruitfully and relevantly collaborate.

The convenors of each cluster are responsible for the planning and organizing of research activities, publications and events of each grouping within the broader membership.

Each research cluster was designed to best suit the overall projection of the nature and scope of interests, expertise and ambitions of the Consortium as a whole.

Transatlantic Triangulations – Africas – Europes – Americas

Mark Sabine
(Nottingham / Lusophone and African Literatures and Cinema)

Roberto Vecchi
(Bologna / Comparative Literature / Lusophone African Studies / Trans-Atlanticisms)


UK-Argentine Post-Conflict Relations

Bernard McGuirk
(Nottingham / Critical Theory / Comparative Literatures / Representations of War)

Mike Seear
(Oslo / Military History / Trauma / PTSD, PTSR, PTG and EA / UK-Argentine Relations)


Critical Theory and Memory Studies

Tomás Albaladejo
(Madrid / Critical Theory / Rhetoric / Legal Discourses)

Cristina Demaria
(Bologna / Semiotics / Gender Discourses / Memory and Trauma Studies)


History and Histories of and in Post-Conflict

 Jeremy Lawrance
(Nottingham / Early Modern Hispanic Studies / Conquest and Colony / Middle East)

Gareth Stockey
(Nottingham / History / Post-Franco-ism / Politics of Memory)