Past Events

25 January 2012

Inaugural Lecture of the International Consortium for the Study of Post-Conflict Cultures

Honorary Professor Samir Shah
Chief Executive Juniper Productions, London; Trustee of the Victoria and Albert Museum
Chair and Respondent: Bernard McGuirk, Director

Atlântico Pardo – Tawny Atlantic – And “Tawny” Britain? Changing Faces Changing Minds


23-25 March 2012

1812 Echoes.  The Cádiz Constitution in Hispanic Cultures and Politics
An international conference funded by the Spanish Embassy, the Instituto Cervantes and the Banco de Santander


2-4 May 2012

United Kingdom-Argentine Relations 1982-2012
A closed colloquium (by invitation only) hosted by Her Excellency the Ambassador of the Argentine Republic to the Court of St. James.


9 May 2012

Public Lecture

Príncipe de Asturias Professor of Contemporary Studies, London School of Economics, Professor Paul Preston
The Spanish Holocaust.  Inquisition and extermination in 20th century Spain.


10-11 May 2012

International Joint Research Workshop with the University of Utrecht, Holland
Transatlantic Triangles: Colonial and Postcolonial Crossings


25 October 2012

Dina Matar (University of London)
What it means to be Palestinian. [1]


4 December 2012

Robert Rudge (University of Nottingham)
Post-Conflict Reconciliation in seventeenth-century England: The Acts of Indemnity and Oblivion.


5 December 2012

Adam Sharman (University of Nottingham)
The 1812 Spanish Constitution (once more, while there’s still time).[2]


11 December 2012

Aleksandar Pavlovic and Laura Todd (University of Nottingham)
Belgrade Gay Pride and Prejudices: 21st Century Serbia between Nationalism and Liberalism.


24 January 2013

Jorge Marco (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
Complacent Memories. Post-Conflict Memories in Spain, France, and Yugoslavia.


14 February 2013

Rosie Reed (Combat Stress Helpline)
From Signposting Issues to Crisis Calls.
Handling Veterans’ Needs and Anxieties.


15-17 March 2013

International Colloquium
Re-Gendering and (De)Queering in Post-Conflict Cultures


26 November 2013

Talk and exhibition by an Angolan artist
Kiluanji-Kia-Henda Brito dos Santos


6-7 December 2013

International Colloquium
Battlefield Archaeologies: Scenes of Reconstruction


11 December 2013

Las Cruces… Poblado Proximo
Rafael Rosal (director)


21-23 March 2014

International Colloquium
Enclaves North and South


8 May 2014

International Colloquium
The Indian Ocean – Terrains of Meaning and Materiality: Technology and Cultural Commerce


14-15 December 2014


Radical Pasts, Radical Futures: critiquing narratives of post-class conflict on the centenary of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists




[1]      In association with the Palestinian Society.

[2]      In association with the Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies.