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The International Consortium for the Study of Post-Conflict Societies is an international research network launched in January 2012 which is based alternatively in the University of Nottingham (United Kingdom), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) and Universidade do Minho (Portugal).

The ICSP-CS fosters interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary research in the areas of media and literary representation of war and conflict, law, engineering, trauma studies, memory and testimonies. It is constituted by a number of experts from different fields and institutions (academia, medicine, law, media, military, journalists and political activists) which pursue dialogue on topics broadly related to post-conflict reconstruction and reconciliation.

The ICSP-CS is dedicated to internationalist and interdisciplinary research links, collaborations, events and publications across the spectrum of interests and specialisms of the multi-cultural constituency of its broad international membership.


The International Consortium for the Study of Post-Conflict Societies welcomes expressions of interest by prospective postgraduate students and post-doctoral researchers. The ICSP-CS is also open to new members and to proposals of collaboration by individuals and/or institutions.

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Colloquium ``Radical Pasts, Radical Futures: critiquing narratives of post-class conflict on the centenary of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists``